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Madison Saracen – 2015 BDS, Round 3: Llangollen

Round three of the British Downhill Series and it was into the team trucks and off to arguably one of the technically toughest tracks of the season. The steep, rooty, demanding course at Llangollen always makes for an exciting weekend!

Lazer is proud to support the Madison Saracen Team!

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What is it? reports:

Lazer were keeping their new secret product very close to their chest, with a unique touch box… Inside something was certainly helmet shaped and felt quite unique but we will have to wait until Eurobike before we can ‘lift the lid’. We stuck the camera in the hand hole anyway but what we captured only added to the mystery.

More news to come!

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Total Women’s Cycling Review: Lazer Cosmo Helmet

Total Women's Cycling checks out the Lazer Cosmo helmet, part of the new MOi! women's helmet collection!

I thoroughly recommend the Lazer Cosmo helmet. It’s not an entry-level helmet but if you are on the market for a new helmet, to step up you cannot go wrong. Light, comfortable and good looking.

Read the entire review on the Total Women's Cycling website here and read more about the Lazer Cosmo and the MOi! Collection on the Lazer website here!

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June News!

Lazer June News is out!

Special Edition Z1 helmet for Lotto Soudal at Baloise Belgium Tour, Wiggle Honda Dominating UCI World Cup, Flash Orange for Everyone, Top Reviews for Lazer, Win a Z1+Magneto system and much more!

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Road Cycling UK reviews the new Lazer Blade helmet!

There are plenty of things to like about the Lazer Blade. It’s a well priced, great looking helmet that actually manages to live up to the hype of being a cheap lid that looks expensive where so many before it haven’t quite succeeded. Functionally it’s comfortable (although that’s a personal thing, of course), pretty well ventilated and the Rollsys is definitely one of the best retention systems on the market.

Read the entire review on their website here!

See all the details on the Lazer Blade helmet on our website!

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12May/150 : Lazer Wasp Air bike helmet review reviews the Lazer Wasp Air:

Verdict: Versatile shape, adjustable venting, good in transition and surprisingly cool, 88%

Read the entire review online here! Check out more details on the Lazer Wasp Air on our website here!

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Helmet Head: Surviving A Road Bike Crash

mattMatt McCain writes about his recent crash:

The other cyclist in the ambulance with me suffered from a broken clavicle, several broken ribs, and a punctured lung. I, on the other hand, was going to need a few Band-Aids. While this was partially the result of plain good luck, I also want to recognize the quality of the gear I was fortunate enough to have been wearing. A few years back, I had done a product review of the helmet I had been wearing during the bike crash. At the time, I rated it one of the best I had ever tried, and I’ll stand by that now. The Lazer Helium did exactly what it is supposed to do: it absorbed the energy of the crash and compressed so my skull did not. Road bike helmets are good for one crash only, so once you have damaged the integrity of the structure, you throw it away and get another one. My favorite helmet had died so I could live.

Read his entire story here.

We are glad that Matt's Lazer Helium helmet did its job.

The Lazer Helium comes equipped with the Rigidly Brace System, a reinforcement within the helmet foam to help keep the helmet together and offer superior resistance against multiple impacts. Helium also comes in a MIPS version for additional protection again rotational brain injury.

Thanks for choosing Lazer Matt.

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Consumer Reports (June 2015) features the Lazer Cyclone helmet!

Check out the latest issue of Consumer Reports (June 2015) with the Lazer Cyclone helmet! CR rates the Cyclone as a "BEST BUY" with a rating of "EXCELLENT" for Impact Absorption, a rating of "GOOD" for Ventilation and a rating of "VERY GOOD" for Fit Adjustment!

More details regarding the Cyclone can be found on our website here.

The same helmet is available without a visor. Details on the Motion helmet can be found here.

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Lazer News May 2015:


The latest Lazer newsletter is out!

Lazer MOi! now available, Madison Saracen Factory team news, Mara Abbott wins Tour of the Gila in Lazer and Lazer Cyclone helmet rated "Excellent" by Consumer Reports Magazine! Click through and check out all the news!

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