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Join us for QUIZFONDO!

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Thursday, May 1 at 7pm, at Rapha Cycle Club NYC!

Space is limited! Call or stop by Rapha Cycle Club NYC to register!

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Road.CC reviews the Lazer Cyclone Helmet!

The Cyclone is essentially a reasonably priced do-it-all lid that's at ease with all types of riding and rider. The one piece shell seems tough. It has back and side reflective strips and there's a removable visor/peak to shield your eyes from the sun or the rain.

Read the entire review at Road.CC and see all the Cyclone details on our website!

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Lazer Street Deluxe Chrome in Cosmopolitan Magazine!

Urban style, Lazer quality!

Check out the Lazer Street DLX on our website!

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Madison Genesis – 2014 Tour of the Reservoir

Madison Genesis - 2014 Tour of the Reservoir from Madison on Vimeo.

The latest video from the Madison Genesis Professional Team.

Last weekend saw Alex Peters and Peter Hawkins of Madison Genesis finish first and second at the 2014 Tour of the Reservoir. Check out the video below to get a taste of the anticipation, stress and excitement a major race weekend holds for the winning team.

Lazer is proud to support the Madison Genesis team!

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Z1 and Cappuccinolock in Ride Magazine!


Lazer Z1 helmet and Cappuccinolock featured in Ride Magazine!

Z1 available soon, Cappuccinolock available now!

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Optum Pro Jade Wilcoxson recovering from concussion

After suffering a concussion in her first Classic of the season, pro cyclist Jade Wilcoxson discovers that the road to recovery is more complicated than she’d imagined.

Lazer sponsors Jade Wilcoxson and the Optum Pro Cycling Team and we are proud to have a played a roll in helping keep Jade safe!

Read her article at!

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#LazerMe Winner! @Zinniker

Lots of great entries into the #LazerMe Sponsorship Contest but the winner has to be Alan Danger Zinniker @Zinniker. We see this as a great opportunity to get into the sea creature helmet market.

Congratulations Alan!

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Gearist TV Reviews the Lazer Tempted Snow Helmet!

Quite possibly my favorite feature of this helmet would be the magnetic clasp that Lazer calls the Magic Buckle. It’s not an exceedingly revolutionary idea, but is monumentally superior to a buckle. Instead of fumbling with gloves and trying buckle your helmet and not your hair or neck gaiter, you simply bring both clasps near each other and… click! You’re ready to go.

Check out the full review on their website!

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Now is your chance! It's never been easier to get sponsored!

Don't bother with long and boring race resumes with detailed explanations and justifications as to why you deserve support for your 2014 riding campaign. Just post your sponsorship application to Twitter! Short, sweet and to the point!

Hashtag #LazerMe and tell us in 130 characters (or less) why you should be sponsored by Lazer this season. The individual with the single best sponsorship application will win full product sponsorship from Lazer! Helmet, Eyewear, Cycling Cap, T-shirt - everything you need from Lazer to assure that this season is your best ever.

Let us know why you deserve it! But we're busy so keep it short and post it up by April 1st (no joke!). We will announce the winner on April 2nd!

Good luck Helmeteers!


Kenny Dehaes, Lotto-Belisol and Lazer win at Nokere Koerse

First it was the Ronde van Drenthe and a week later it's a win at the Nokere Koerse race for Lotto-Belisol sprinter Kenny Dehaes! CyclingNews has the story here!

Lazer is proud to support the Lotto-Belisol Professional Cycling Team with helmets and eyewear!

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