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Optum Pro Cycling Tests the Lazer Wasp Helmet

The Optum Professional Cycling Team spent some time at their recent training camp testing the new aerodynamic helmet from Lazer, the Wasp. The Wasp (Watt Saving Performance) is the latest innovation in helmets from Lazer and is the most aerodynamic helmet on the market today!

Testing by the independent STAPS Institute for Aerodynamic Performance has shown a gain of two-to-four watts over other high-end aerodynamic helmets at 45 kph, and up to 12 watts over other aero helmets.

The Wasp helmet incorporates Lazer's "Dual Layer Aerodynamics," which employ a "trip wire" on the top of the helmet to create a boundary layer of small air vortices on the tail of the helmet. By creating these small areas of turbulence larger vortices are prevented which can create more drag and negatively affect aerodynamic performance.

The tail section of the Wasp helmet is also designed to keep the gap between the tail and the riders back to an absolute minimum, further increasing aerodynamic performance.

The Wasp, cutting edge technology only available from Lazer Sport!

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