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Lazer Snow Helmets – new for 2012!

This week on the blog we are going to highlight our new range of snow sport helmets for 2012. This new product division is a natural evolution for us since we have a passion for sport, and snow sports in particular!

A little background first - Lazer has been manufacturing protection gear since 1919 and is the oldest helmet company still in operation today. With over 90 years of experience we strive to create the perfect mix between design, comfort, safety and technology. This attitude has shaped Lazer into the most innovative helmet company in the world: creating protection through innovation.

For 2012 we are offering a full line of helmets for skiing and snowboarding. These products are the culmination of years of testing and research, using proven and patented Lazer technologies.


The most obvious example of that is our Rollsys® retention system.

Compared to a standard fit system, the Lazer Rollsys® system is fully integrated into the helmet and completely surrounds the head. By turning a thumb wheel located on the top of the helmet the Rollsys® system permits an accurate and progressive peripheral sizing adjustment without any discomfort or pressure points on the head. With the Rollsys® system varying head shapes can fit into the correct size and this reduces the number of helmets sizes that the retailer needs to stock. From the very first time you try the Rollsys® system you will immediately recognize its design and innovation!


We have also paid very close attention to how airflow through our snow helmets. Snowsport helmets have the unique challenge of both retaining sensible heat, and dissipating latent heat depending upon the weather and the level of activity. This diverse spectrum necessitates the proper testing and design of all products so the correct amount of airflow is maintained around the head in all conditions. To ensure that each Lazer helmet is properly designed Lazer ventilation manager Guido DeBruyne Ph.D. tested helmets in the wind tunnel at the prestigious Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (K.U. Leuven). After repeated tests on a wide range of snow helmets we were able to identify the ideal range of comfort, for a variety of conditions, and design the vents so that this can be maintained even as output changes.


In order to achieve the correct pressure difference to move the right amount of air across the head each vent must have an intake and an outlet. The key to ventilation is not the number of vents but the arrangement and balance of these vents on the helmet. This symmetry and design of the intake and outlet vents is exclusively applied through Lazer's IN|OUT Design.


Since snowsport helmets must retain heat and lose heat depending upon your effort, Lazer helmets are designed to adapt with the conditions. Over half of our helmets include vents that can be adjusted to properly mix the weather conditions with your level of exertion. The Lazer Adapt2 Vent is a dual level, multi-step system which gives you double the adjustability in order to maintain ideal comfort.


We recognize that goggles and helmets have a symbiotic but not monogamous relationship. This is why each Lazer snow helmet is designed to work with multiple partners so you do not need to be married to only one goggle brand.


Blast your favorite songs straight into your helmet with the Lazer Wired Audio system. It is simple and works with the earbuds that you already own. Just install the right and left cord to the Wired Audio hooks already installed on your helmet earpads and you are ready to go. Plus, there is an optional pouch to slide the microphone/controller into so that there is no more fumbling inside your jacket.


Lazer helmets are full of function, but encased in fashion and art. Our attention to design has led us to collaborate with artists from around the world and this portfolio of work is more than just a product line, it is a Gallery. The diversity of colors, graphics, materials and styles come from the broad range of designers that we use from ore than just the sporting goods world. Our artists have backgrounds that push the capabilities of today's technologies, and bring Lazer's innovative heritage into the Gallery.

We think you will agree that Lazer is bringing real innovation to the snow sport industry and we look forward to showing you what's new this week. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, check out the Lazer Snowsport specific social media sites on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter!

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