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Kenny Dehaes, Lotto-Belisol and Lazer win at Nokere Koerse

First it was the Ronde van Drenthe and a week later it's a win at the Nokere Koerse race for Lotto-Belisol sprinter Kenny Dehaes! CyclingNews has the story here!

Lazer is proud to support the Lotto-Belisol Professional Cycling Team with helmets and eyewear!


Chris Akrigg @chrisakrigg rides cyclocross with Lazer!

CHRISCROSS from chris akrigg on Vimeo.

Tea drinking Pro Bike rider from Yorkshire Chris Akrigg @chrisakrigg checks out the sport of cyclocross in his Flash Yellow Lazer Genesis helmet!

See more videos from Chris on his website here!

Lazer is proud to support Chris Akrigg!

Check out the Lazer Genesis on our website!

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Lazer Helium 2014

Rollsys Retention System, Adjustable Rollsys Head Basket, 19 vents with internal air channels, 260 grams, four sizes and nine colors, the Lazer Helium has it all!

Check out more details on our website here!


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DC Rainmaker Checks out LifeBEAM!

DC Rainmaker got his LifeBEAM helmet and began testing!

LifeBEAM is the world's first cycling helmet that continuously measures your heart-rate without using a chest strap. The SMART helmet, a modified Lazer Genesis, uses electro-optical technology to continuously measure your heart-rate. The optical sensor is placed on the helmet's front, gently touching your forehead. The sensor samples the blood pulse in a high frequency and transmits a raw signal to the processing unit, which is placed in the helmet back.

Check out the LifeBEAM Facebook page for additional information!

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Hannah Kearney Olympics Wrap Up

Photo credit: Garth Hager

Lazer Sponsored Mogul Skier Hannah Kearney reports on her Sochi Olympic Adventure:

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games have come and gone. I am now officially a three time Olympian and a two time Olympic medalist. With my Olympic career behind me, I can say that the varying results from the Torino, Vancouver and Sochi Games have shaped my life. I am grateful that I got a chance to represent my country to defend my gold medal from Vancouver 2010. I was proud to win a bronze medal for the United States of America this time around, but very disappointed in myself at the same time. Let me explain.

With just the final run left, I was sitting in first place. I landed my back flip off of the top jump, but I made a large mistake on the exit. With the momentary lapse in skill, my dream of becoming the first freestyle skier to win back to back gold medals was dashed. In a sport that combines the whim of Mother Nature with acrobatic skills, skis, bumps and a steep slope, anything can happen. Mistakes are far from uncommon, but as an athlete, you do everything you can to reduce the likelihood that they will happen. Over the last four years I made choices about where to live, what to eat, and how to train so that I could ski my best at on the World Cup circuit every season, and of course, at the 2014 Olympics. The day before the mogul competition in Sochi, my strength and conditioning coached presented me with some data. Daily, I fill out an athletic diary that logs the length and intensity of my workout as well as how much I slept, my fatigue levels, mood state and whether or not I used any recovery techniques. As a result, he was able to consolidate my training efforts from the past four years into this summary:

  • You have completed 1876 training sessions (including Skiing).
  • You have been through 88 separate strength programs
  • You have spent 1236 hours running, hiking, biking, and on an elliptical machine (including warm up and cool downs).
  • You have done 563 separate leg strength sessions.
  • You have squatted, leg pressed and deadlifted you way through 38,904 reps.
  • You have sprinted your way through 66 different sessions and in total you have sprinted (at 100% speed) 14.8 miles.
  • Your motivation levels have only been under 5/10 on 9 occasions. That is nine times in 1460 days.
  • Your mood state has been under a 5/10 on 63 occasions.
  • In total you have spent 3120 freezing minutes in cold baths or rivers.
  • You have had soreness over 6/10 for a total of 183 days. That is 12% of your life being really sore.
  • You have entered 41 World Cups. You have been on the podium 34 times (83%). You have won 30 times (73%).

I know that I am very lucky to walk away from the Sochi Olympic with a bronze medal since I made a large mistake. I have to live with the fact that I did not perform my best when it counted. I know, and the data shows that I did everything I could to prepare. However, in sport, as in life, things do not always go as planned. It is in the aftermath of adversity that we learn and grow, even if it takes a bit of time.

Since Sochi, I returned to the World Cup circuit in Japan. On the first day of competition, I crashed hard and lost my ski for a last place finish. That result certainly made me just a bit more grateful for the shiny bronze medal from just a few weeks before! The very next day, I skied to victory on the notoriously difficult course and I stood proudly on top of the podium in my 104th World Cup start, knowing that I had come along way since my very first one over a decade earlier.

From all of us at Lazer, congratulations Hannah! We are proud of you!


Singletrack Magazine at Madison iceBike Show!

Singletrack Magazine attended the iceBike show in the UK last week. Check out what is new from Lazer Sport including the LifeBEAM helmet and Lazer Cappuccinolock!

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Optum Pro Cycling 2014!

Optum Pro Cycling is ready for 2014! Check out these images from their recent training camp in California!

Lazer is proud to partner with the Optum Pro Cycling Team!


Lazer Ultrax Helmet – Frostbike 2014

Everyone was excited to see the new Lazer Ultrax MTB helmet at Quality Bicycle Products #Frostbike last weekend!

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Greipel, Lotto-Belisol and Lazer win in Qatar!

Another win for Lotto, André Greipel and the new Lazer Z1 helmet! Read the story here.


Lazer wins at the World Championships!

Congratulations to U23 Wout Van Aert and Junior Thijs Aerts, both of Belgium, for their victories in the recent UCI Cyclocross World Championships! Both riders are members of the Telenet-Fidea Team and were outfitted in their team issue Lazer Helium helmet.

Lazer is proud to support the Telenet-Fidea team and is excited to keep our wining tradition alive with these two champions!

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