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NEW Lazer Tardiz2 Helmet 2017

Built for Triathlon!

The Tardiz2 is the modern interpretation of the classic Lazer triathlon helmet. It’s still built around the same values: aerodynamics and ventilation.


The narrow droplike shape and narrow frontal area provide the most aerodynamic shape, while the dimpled rear surface helps traps air pockets to improve the airflow over and around the helmet.


Everything combined creates a helmet that will get you to the finish line faster! Comfort is not compromised and the Tardiz2 is still perfect for many hours in the saddle.


It features the ATS fit system for comfortable size adjustments, the Aquavent for instant cooling and an open front area that is eyewear friendly. The Aquavent is a hydration port on the top of the helmet that is easily accessible. Just use your water bottle to squirt water through a spring loaded port, directly onto the head, for instant cooling.

No matter how hot it gets, the Tardiz2 will keep you cool and performing at top level. When additional aerodynamic performance is required, the Aquavent can also be replaced with a closed off version.


NEW Lazer Armor Pin Urban Helmet 2017

Armor Pin helmet.68

The Armor Pin is the next step in urban safety for 2017! Based on the Armor helmet, it features a unique and comfortable head shape combined with the Advanced Turnfit System for a secure fit.

Armor Pin helmet.66

And to keep you cool is has channelled ventilation with a chimney effect to allow heat to escape. But the real advantages are the In-Molded push pins which allow accessories or a screen visor to be installed.

Armor Pin helmet.67
Just push on accessories to add style, protection or fun!

Armor Pin helmet.69 Armor Pin helmet.70


Lazer Anverz E-Bike Helmet! NEW for 2017

This helmet is designed to fit perfectly with your E-bike. It has the same style and flair as a moped helmet but the weight of a high end bicycle helmet.

LZB07 Matte Black.22

It brings the best of both worlds together: well ventilatedcomfortable, lightweight, sturdy with a lot of coverage, the ability to accessorize, and a brilliant screen visor.

LZB07 Matte Black.20

If all of that is not enough and you require even more protection from the elements, there is an Aeroshell available to cover up all ventilation holes to keep you dry
and warm.

LZB07 Matte Black.18

Additionally the ear covers can be removed when increased ventilation is required, or installed when the weather gets cooler. The ear covers can even accept Bluetooth enable devices to play music or take phone calls!

LZB07 Matte Black.19

anverz_matte-flash-green_side anverz_matte-flash-green_front anverz_matte-flash-green_back anverz_aeroshell_front anverz_aeroshell anverz_matte_white_quarter anverz_matte_flash-orange_quarter anverz_matte_black_quarter


Lazer Bullet 2017

NEW FOR 2017! Lazer Bullet
Perfect mix of aerodynamics and ventilation.

LZB11_Bullet_matte black white red_160630.55

The Bullet helmet provides an answer to the age-old dilemma of ventilation vs. aerodynamics. With its narrow shape and closed shell it is a seriously aerodynamic helmet, the adjustable ventilation slots turn it into a helmet for climbing or hot days.

LZB11_Bullet_matte black white red_160630.53

The small frontal area and narrow drop-like shape creates a helmet that cuts through the air, perfect for sprinting!

LZB11_Bullet_matte black white red_160630.54

Small side vents and large rear exhaust vent provide the airflow needed to cool you off, but adjusting the top part of the helmet opens up the front vents, which create a large intake vent, allowing airflow throughout the helmet. Making the helmet suitable for hot days or climbing.

LZB11_Bullet_matte black white red_160630.50

It’s the perfect combination of aerodynamics and ventilation, whenever you need it!

LZB11_Bullet_matte black white red_160630.50

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